Zeta Rho Chapter at University of San Diego

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Nina Paoloni


Nina is a Junior Behavioral Neuroscience major with a minor in Business Administration. Nina aspires to go to nursing school and eventually get a DNP (Doctor of Nurse Practices). She plays club soccer, loves puppies, and enjoys reading cheesy Instagram quotes. She also likes listening to music and dancing accordingly.

Gina Brunelli

Vice President Member Education

Meet Gina Brunelli, our VP of Membership Education! Gina is a Psychology Major from Pleasanton, California and enjoys playing the piano in her free time. She loves being involved with Kappa Delta and can't wait to serve a term in an executive position. Her interests include cats, The Pope, grilled cheese and going to Big Sur for quick vacations. We are so excited to have Gina guide the way for our newest members!

Rachel Robinson

Vice President Membership

Meet Rachel, a Behavioral Neuroscience Major and our newest VP of Membership! Rachel is a sweet, southern belle straight out of Orlando Florida. She is an internationally competitive equestrian rider who has earned the title of Junior Olympian three times! In her spare time, Rachel enjoys cooking, skiing and petting as many dogs as possible. Some of her favorite things include black cherry vanilla ice cream, iced vanilla lattes and sharing a birthday with her younger sister. Welcome to the team, Rachel!

Lauren Lofe

Vice President Operations

From Danville, California, we'd like to introduce you to Lauren-our newest VP of Operations! She loves drinking coffee, going to the beach and cuddling her roommate's cat. In addition to these things, Lauren enjoys watching the office, playing around on Pinterest and attending weekly Sunday brunches. We can't wait to see how Lauren will progress this chapter forward!

Kelsie Currie

Vice President Community Service

Give a warm welcome to our newest VP of Community Service, Kelsie! Kelsie is a lamb loving, laugh attack inducing flower child of California. In her spare time, Kelsie enjoys singing, playing the guitar and hanging out at Board n' Brew sandwich shop. We can't wait to see what amazing events Kelsie will put on!

Kiko Lamb

Vice President Public Relations

We would like to introduce you to our newest VP Public Relations, Kiko! Born and bred in Cary, North Carolina, Kiko enjoys swimming, hiking and virtually anything that takes her outdoors. Some of her favorite things include playing with dogs, meeting new people and Rubicon Deli sandwiches. Kiko just finished up her semester in the Land Down Under but is excited to be back in San Diego. We can't wait to work alongside you, Kiko!

Anika Ahuja

Vice President Standards

Next up is the woman who keeps our standards high, Anika! Born in Canada but raised in Los Gatos, California, Anika has a strong passion for hockey, drinking coffee and playing with dogs. Additionally she enjoys playing housewife while she bakes cookies and reads eloquently written novels. Her favorite life experience so far has been her semester abroad in Cork, Ireland where she fell in love with the sights and sounds of everyday Irish life. We can't wait to work alongside Anika this year!

Maureen Cobile


Meet our amazing new Secretary, Maureen! Maureen calls Elk Grove, California home where she enjoys chai tea lattes, pretty skies and being a third degree black belt in karate! When she isn't breaking cement blocks with her bare hands, Maureen enjoys playing with dogs, going to the beach and traveling around the world. We can't wait to learn more about Maureen as we work alongside her this year!

Melissa King

Vice President Finance

We'd like to introduce you to the sister who keeps our chapter afloat...literally. Melissa is our VP of Finance from beautiful Reno, Nevada. When she isn't busy making sure the credits and debits balance, you can find her listening to music and eating-primarily cheese and watermelon. Her passions include traveling and photography which is perfect considering Melissa just finished up her semester abroad in Florence, Italy. We can't wait to work alongside Melissa this year!

Molly Gasal

Panhellenic Delegate

There's no place like Kansas for our sweet, southern Molly. Having been raised in this midwestern state, Molly enjoys spending time with her friends and family anytime she is home. San Diego has become her dream destination as Molly makes weekly trips to the beach followed by trips to the nearest Acai Bowl spot. Molly just finished up her semester abroad in Madrid, Spain where she had some of the coolest experiences and met some of the most amazing people. We're so excited to have Molly represent us at the University of San Diego!