Zeta Rho Chapter at University of San Diego

Kappa Delta


Kappa Delta offers collegiate women a strong support system and encouragement to excel. Chapter members gain the confidence to achieve their dreams and are inspired to action on campus and in the community.

Plus, when you join Kappa Delta, you find sisters for life. Friendship and mutual support are some of the greatest benefits of sorority involvement. Members encourage each other to be their best selves and hold each other accountable.

Best of all, the Kappa Delta experience allows members to meet and learn from others with different backgrounds and interests. It’s sisterhood at its finest!

This strong sense of sisterhood that is so critical during college does not end upon graduation. KD is for a lifetime! With more than 515 alumnae chapters nationwide, Kappa Delta is never far away.



Here at USD, we foster a sense of sisterhood through both leadership and social aspects.

Cultivating leadership potential in our members—that is, providing opportunities for them to learn how to be leaders—has a threefold purpose. It serves the individual, heightens Kappa Delta’s visibility as members share their skills with other organizations, and improves the chapter’s ability to function smoothly. Outside of the council of ten women who lead our chapter, there are a multitude of leadership opportunities within the chapter which focus on specific interests and strengths such as Academic Excellence, Girl Scout Committee, Social Chair, and so much more! KD also promotes and encourages involvement and leadership in outside campus organizations. Kappa Delta members are well-rounded and involved women!

Socially, events and exchanges with other fraternities and sororities on campus are definitely a highlight of the fun we have here at USD. Kappa Delta prides itself on its support of the not only the entire greek community, but the campus community as well. We love working with our greek partners, but also hosting alumnae events, and events for all members of the campus community. In addition, numerous sisterhood events are held each semester in order to bond with all of the members of our own chapter! Kappa Delta provides a great opportunity to get to know not only the rest of the greek organizations here at USD, but other people on campus and in the community as well!